Risk Management for Business


A business can encounter many types of risk, and business owners choose to take risks every day. Some risks will have a minimal impact and are easily managed. Other risks can threaten the survival of your business.


Business risks are events or circumstances which negatively impact your business. Such events could include your business losing money, your reputation being damaged or an employee getting injured.

The impact and the risk increases when an event isn't planned for or happens differently from what you expected e.g. a downturn in the market or a flood ruining your stock.  Ignoring the risks which apply to your business activities or the events you have planned could impact on the following:


  •  The health and safety of employees, customers, volunteers and participants 
  • Your reputation, credibility and status 
  •  Public and customer confidence in your organisation 
  •  Your Business’ Financial Position 
  •  Plant, equipment and the environment.


In addition to ensuring you and your family are personally covered, ST Risk will with managing the risk associated with running a business, including:


  •  Business Succession Planning (including Key-Man insurance)
  •  Ownership Strategies 
  •  Partnership Agreements 
  •  Shareholder Agreements


We can also recommend tax-effective strategies to help make your insurance more affordable.  Risk Management is a systematic approach to managing risk and is now regarded as good management practice.

Please feel welcome to contact our team to discuss your personal protection requirements without obligation on 07 3871 8177.  


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