The Fourth Pillar

Your Other Investments

We have now covered the three most common legs of our Wealth Creation plan, and they must be in balance.

For the family person the toughest years in your thirties and forties.  You are improving and extending the home, buying better furniture, clothing and educating the kids, all the while working on your career or on the business.  Then as the kids leave home costs markedly reduce.  You have an established reputation, you are old enough to be credible, young enough to move mountains.  Your home is (nearly) paid off, you have the furniture you need, the car is fairly new, and you can afford an occasional holiday.  The value of the super fund is growing.

Now is the time to start planning the fourth leg of the strategy: an income producing (or capital-appreciating) investment.  We will discuss developing a broad-based investment strategy that includes property, shares and/or government bonds.  At the end, you will own one or more income-producing (and lifestyle-enhancing) investments that will enable you to continue being independent of governments and enjoying the lifestyle you deserve.

And what about risk?  Risk of paying too much tax, of losing value through inflation, of losing money through bad investments?  What is your risk profile?

With the changing rules covering Capital Gains Tax, with the complex laws covering inheritances, should we own these investments in your own name, in the name of your spouse, company, a Family Trust perhaps?  How will the changes to the Capital Gains Tax regime affect our decisions?  And what about the changes to imputation credits?   We will explain the options and settle on the best structure to cover your situation. 


Please feel welcome to contact our team to discuss how the Four Pillars can help transform your wealth position on 07 3369 8544.  


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