The First Pillar


Your Income

Whether you operate your own business or are a salary earner, the income you generate is the main ingredient of your wealth creation program. Let us work together to maximise the after-tax benefit you receive for your efforts.


The Employee 

We can discuss whether there are more tax-effective ways of earning your salary: salary packaging – employee shares or options – salary sacrifice – consultant or employee – use of a family trust?? There are legal alternatives to a simple full taxed salary.


The Business Person 

Managing a business has three objectives:

  • Quality of life today,
  • Building your retirement fund, and
  • Ultimately, to sell the business to the next generation of owners (‘cashing in your chips’). 


This means that you must spend more and more of your time working ON the business and less working IN it.

Working IN a business means that you have a job.  If you stop working and the income stops.

Working ON the business means that you are developing a money machine with others working for you, whilst you design and improve the systems.  Now you are building a saleable asset.  And in operating a business, it is important to realise that your ultimate customer is the one you’ll sell the business to when it is ‘ready for sale’.


Ewing & Company can help you ensure that your business is successful.  The question then is: ‘How do we define, measure and achieve success?’


We will help you define ‘success’ as it applies to you – and then we will work together to achieve that level of success.  Let us work together to turn your business into the engine of your wealth creation program. 


Please feel welcome to contact our team to discuss how the Four Pillars can help transform your wealth position on 07 3369 8544.



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