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  • Increase Profits (Now and in the Future)
  • Plan your Growth Strategy… and find the best way to Finance it
  • Take Action to Sell your Business ($1Million, $10Million, $100Million!)


It is true many business owners often occupy a lonely place in terms of support structures to run and grow what is to most, their main asset and source of income.

They're the ones putting in the long hours, working out how to grow the business, how to pay less tax and how to improve cash flow.

So often businesses ask their accountants questions like these…

  • “If I have made $$$ profit, then where is the cash?”
  • “What’s the one thing I can do that will improve my business?”
  • “What is my break-even point?
  •  “How will I be able to sell my business for a high price?”  


Their accountants can’t answer these questions.   But through our uniquely designed SME approach, we can help them.

Please feel welcome to contact Byron Factor to have a chat about your business without obligation on 07 3369 8544.

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